It’s Thanksgiving Week here in the USA.  It’s the time of year to pause and reflect on the year past and give thanks for the journey.  Thanksgiving is a special time of year because people get together, put our troubles aside, and express gratitude for each other, and the gifts in our lives.  People look forward to Thanksgiving because it feels good.  That feel good feeling isn’t an accident.  When we express gratitude, our brain responds by lighting up the area that governs dopamine which our brain interprets as a reward chemical.

There’s growing research that writing a gratitude list every day is beneficial to health and happiness. Gratitude lists can improve overall health, make it easier to create healthy habits and lower your chance of depression.   It’s simple, it’s free and it makes a difference.

Here at Reflective Management, we’ve taken our gratitude practice even further. We use it as part of a simple daily reflection that helps us choose to live the best version of our life every day.  Our Daily Reflection practice has three parts :

  1. Gratitude – Expressing gratitude for the gifts in our lives
  2. Centering – Staying in touch with who we are & what is important to us
  3. Focus – Consciously deciding where to spend time the next day

This Thanksgiving we are sharing our printable daily reflection guide that helps us :

  • Build our gratitude, happiness and health
  • Keep in touch with our values
  • Lead a more fulfilling life
  • And get more done every day!

Best of all.  This is only a 5 minute commitment every day.  Download our Daily Reflection Practice guide. Instructions are included and there is a printable template to help you write your reflections down each day.  Let us know how you get on in the comments.


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