What Is Your Background?

I’ve been involved in the tech industry for 25 years in a wide range of roles including software engineer, product manager, VP of Engineering, VP of Product and VP of People / HR.  I hold a degree in Computer Science from the University of York.

What Training Do You Have?

I am an International Coach Federation certified coach at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level meaning I’ve undertaken more than 140 hours of supervised training and completed 500 hours of practical coaching. As of writing, I have conducted more than 1,700 coaching sessions.

Who Do You Coach?

I primarily work with executives and CEOs at small to medium tech companies and startups.

Why Did You Become A Coach

I’ve led small teams and whole departments, I’ve been an individual contributor and an executive and I’ve built both products and organizations.  Over 25 years, I’ve learned that I’m at my ABSOLUTE BEST when partnering 1:1 with someone who intends to excel at what they do, and helping them BE excellent.

For me, being a coach allows me to scale my impact far beyond a single position at a single company.  By helping a leader grow, that growth becomes impact on their peers, their team, their organization, their product, their business which becomes positive impact on their customers and the world.

How Do You Approach Coaching?

I believe effective leaders obsess about 4 things : vision, culture, people and their self-awareness.  I use a variety of tools including self-reflection, Strengthscope, personal values and beliefs, storytelling and the Art of Management to build awareness and create change.  You can find out more here.

What Makes You Remarkable As A Coach?

My clients tell me it’s because I ask the questions that help them see things they cannot see on their own.  They appreciate I’ve been a hands-on operator in many roles in tech.  They like the fact that I work with other leaders like them and can bring those insights into our conversations.

I think it’s because I’m the one person who listens to you without judgement and helps you without agenda.  Where necessary, I’ll push you and ask the pointed questions that others are too fearful to ask.  And perhaps most importantly, I care about you as a person, I really do.

How Did You End Up Going From Product / Engineering To HR?

Throughout my career, I’ve had a latent passion for improving people’s lives.  It started when I was a software engineer building mobile apps in 1997.  I could see how mobile experiences Would improve day to day life, from having a handheld map to ordering your groceries.  Being a product manager gave me more control over what we built for people.  Building developer tools for Microsoft helped me help other developers make life better for people.  By the time I was running an org of 150+ people, I realized I was spending more time on the “org product” and less time on the “product product”.  The logical step to spend more time on “product product” was HR leadership.  I’m grateful to the CEO who took a leap on an enthusiastic but inexperienced HR leader.

Why Should I Work With You Over Other Coaches?

You can only truly answer that question by having a free intro call where we’ll do some coaching and you’ll learn if it works for you.  You can book one here.

Where Can I Find Out More About You?

You can grab this downloadable flyer or see my full professional history on my LinkedIn profile.