The Most Comprehensive Manager Training Program

Online Training
Community Based
Professionally Coached
A Year Of Support

1. Online Training

Rookie Manager teaches a progressive style of management designed to get the most out of today’s work force.  Our training is online and designed to move you from rookie to confident manager in 4 weeks.  You will meet once per week with your learning community and management coach for 90 minutes of intense learning and discussion.

The Rookie Manager journey continues for a full year of management content, advice and support.  We’re with you every step of the way.

2. Community Based

Management can be a lonely place.  Rookie Manager forms communities of managers with similar experience to create a support network where you can share experiences and learn alongside others.  Your learning community will be 5 to 15 managers who are also starting their journey into management.

3. Professionally Coached

Benefit from a coach with 20 years experience as a manager.  Your learning community is lead by an experienced manager who drives the learning and participates in discussion within the community.  Your manager is an experienced mentor and coach whose goal is to smooth your journey into management.

4. A Year Of Support

A class only gets you started.  Your Rookie Manager community and coach stay with for a year, so you can get the help and support you need as you build your management practice.  You can ask questions and get support and advice whenever you need it through our community-based, professionally coached online tools.