The Leap Into Management

Every year millions of people take their first manager or supervisor position.  Great designers, engineers, architects, nurses, clerks and project managers find themselves responsible for a team of people.  Most of them learn one thing pretty quickly.

What made you successful as an individual contributor doesn’t make you successful as a manager.

Management is a completely new set of skills that are learned over time and by trial and error.  You try things.  Some work and some don’t.  You learn.  You get better.

What you learn and do in your first two years of management shape your success as a manager for the rest of your career.  Many managers underperform in those first two years because they don’t have access to the training or day-to-day support they need.

We don’t think this is good enough.

So we created the Rookie Manager program, a new way to help managers get started in their management career.